Message from Chairman

Founder Chairman

Mr. Daniel Chan

Due to the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, Hong Kong General Chamber of Cross-border E-commerce (HKGCCE) was founded in 2015 in response to the needs of small to large cross-border e-commerce companies. Being eager to form a self-regulatory organization in the industry, HKGCCE aims to strengthen communication between enterprises and the Government, educate the industry about the latest Government policies, further enrich enterprise management philosophy, optimize the production level, promote youth entrepreneurship and participation in cross-border e-commerce industry and boost the development of Hong Kong cross-border e-commerce.

Being the Founder Chairman, I shoulder heavy responsibilities. This is the golden time for Hong Kong to seize the opportunity to speed up the cross-border e-commerce development in order to stabilize the movement of economic transformation and create a united, open, competitive and disciplined market environment. HKGCCE will strive to play the role of a bridge among the cross-border e-commerce companies by facilitating communications and cooperation among parties across borders, providing suggestions to the Government, and equipping the companies to face different challenges and explore more business opportunities.

With the support of Executive Committee Members, I shall work together with all of you and devote myself to HKGCCE and the cross-border e-commerce industry.